Adding custom modules to the Calendar

I’ve been tasked with making a few custom modules for SuiteCRM, and we want to add one of these modules to the Calendar in SuiteCRM. However, I can’t find any way to do this with the ModuleBuilder or with Studio. So that’s why I’ve come here to ask if this is possible, and how to do it.

There was a blog post about doing something similar on SugarCRM Dev, but it’s a few (four) years old, and the project(s) have probably developed and diverged enough in these four years that the information contained in the blog post is not really relevant.

If it’s not possible to do this through the ModuleBuilder or through Studio, is there some way of doing it in the code? I just need a few pointers.

Thank you! B)

I would like to know this as well. I’ve created a custom module that has a date field and I would like to show these module entries on the calendar based on this date field.

Any news bout the possibility of adding cutom modules to the calendar?

Yes this would be useful…

Did anyone figure out how to relate custom modules to the calendar module?

I am still new to SuiteCRM, but I think I have got it figure out.

The calendar is not a module that can be related to. It is only used to display the different modules, for example (Meeting and Calls). Here are the steps to related a custom module (Screening) to Meeting.

  • Creating the custom module, and create a Screening 1-M Meeting relationship.
  • Go to dropdown editor and search for parent_type_display
  • Add the custom module name, HC_Screening (with pre-fix) to the drop down menu.
  • Save and refresh.

Then it should work.

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