Adding contacts to target list or campaign

My first time here and I’m not a developer with a lot coding experience!

The Problem:
I can select multiple accounts rrom the Quick map into the target list! great
I can select multiple accounts from advanced search and Quick search into a target list! great too!

but the most important question is how do i load the contacts which are related to the selection in the target list into contacts area of the target list?

it is easy to copy all contacts which are selected under the account module into a target list. there is a function in the subpanel: “Add Contacts into Target List”. This function is missing in the map. is missing in the target list where you can select single or a couple of contacts.

This is a must have for every CRM that I can filter and use contacts or accounts whereever I need.

In my case I do have Accounts with more than 40 or 50 contacts! to select and search them whenever i need them is very difficult.

I tried to understand the reporting module but didn’t understand how to set the filter.

I tried to find a field that enables me to filter the accounts by an existing target list. but none of these ideas lead me to a working solution.

If possible to help I would be happy.

all the best

If the button isn’t there, you’ll have to do (or purchase) some custom developments…

I guess it won’t be too hard, maybe a simple cycle that goes through each Contact in the Account and adds it to the same Target List as the Account.

If you want to avoid the work of adding an UI for it (a button, etc) you could simply do it in a logic hook whenever an Account is added to a Target List, it would run that cycle for you.

I ran across a short video (turn off the volume) no How to Create Your Target List. It shows the ability to multi-select contacts from a search on contacts:

What my 8.0.3 installation shows is different. It has multiple sub-panels to add from different sources, but the filter results in a list that does NOT have multiple-select boxes. Apparently only one item at a time can be selected for addition, then the search results close.

Is this a (major) functional regression from earlier versions? Who on earth thought that adding ONE item at a time for a search list made any sense? Suggesting that such basic functionality should be a custom add-on is frankly specious. Not only should multiple-select be routine everywhere for list addition, the abstracted filter to apply dynamically whenever needed should also be routine.

The functionality lacking in SuiteCRM v8 is typically not by design decision, it is simply “not there yet”. You can see in this post that currently the objective is to progressively level-up to match the v7 features in v8.