Adding contacts to database

I’ve added a few contacts to my suitecrm database but i’m missing something because the contacts don’t connect to the accounts they are drifting and waiting for me to pick them up i connected the accounts table to accounts_contacts and then to contacts what am I missing?

You need to specify an account using the account relate field when creating a contact, or create the contact from the contacts sub-panel on the accounts module.



where’s that field? and i can’t create the contacts on the sub panel i have 1000 contacts i can’t do that by hand nor with imports
i want to do it in mysql pls

Doing this by SQL is incorrect.

You can use the importer tool, and specify the account name for the contacts on import, if you have a large number of records to import/relate.

You can run a ‘create and update’ import, to update existing contacts to relate them to the required account.



I’ve already figured it out thanks anyway

In Accounts_Contacts There’s this table

The contact_id is a uniqid() i give everytime i create a new contact and then i add the account_id where the contact is for
Then igrab the account_id(uniquid) and insert into the contacts id easy peasy lemon squeezy
the account_id will show as many times repeated, in the table, as there are contacts attached to it