adding contacts from campaign module "queued messages" to target list


I have just sent a campaign, but something went apparently wrong, and some messages were sent, some stayed in the queue. However, they are not shown in the regular “email queue” where I would be able to send them (it is empty), but they are only shown on the “campaign results” page.

On that page however, I can not resend (or force send) those emails, I can’t also select them to create a new target list and send the campaign to that list. On the same page though, there is a button for pretty much all other sections to add to a target list… but not for the “queued messages”.

As there are about 600, I would like to find some way to select them all at once rather than reselecting them one by one in my contacts.

Does anyone have an idea on how I could do this?


Hi there,

Can you check your error log? There is a huge bug in Campaigns in SugarCRM which they have decided not to address which means that records are not written into the emails table. The script then tries to re-enter(as the records aren’t there) but this causes a duplicate entry in the emails_text table, which can cause the campaign to run erroneously.

This may be the same issue you are facing and posting the results of your error log may verify this.



Well, I know that the emails weren’t sent because I was trying to send using gmail smtp and had too many requests. So looking into the error log tells me exactly that, but doesn’t help me bunch-selecting contacts to create a new list! :slight_smile:

Actually, I just reselected all missing contacts manually. It took quite some time, but now it’s done… Thanks for the help anyway!