Adding condition to email campaigns


I want to add a condition to my email campaign, and the condition is: I want to send emails based on contact role, and I have 2 different roles Primary and Marketing. Therefore, if there is no primary contact involved under an account name, system should automatically use the Marketing role emails.

Is this function possible as an automated one? I tried to filter the target list based on contact role. As a result, I was able to add 2 separate groups (Primary and Marketing). However, my question is for a contact if there are both roles activated how can I eliminate the second role (marketing role) on my campaign email list?

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Using Workflow you can set conditions based on pretty much any field, once that field is properly populated.

Hi @labanjohnson,

Thank you for your response, and I have one question regarding this. If I create a workflow as you said, my question is how to set up the scheduled date and time for the campaign?

Also, if I select the workflow module as a campaign, only campaign modules are the options available to set up the condition. However, I found an option under the campaign module workflow as “Contacts: Contacts” (please refer to my attachment). As I have mentioned earlier, how can I link this workflow to the campaign module?

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This sounds a bit confused to me. You can’t run a Campaign from the Workflows module.

If you want to selectively populate a Target List, that’s also not from the Workflows module. You can search the Targets in the list view, and Add to Target list or you can filter them with conditions in a Report, and then use the feature that allows populating a Target list from the Reports results.

When you have the Target List like you want, send out the Campaign normally.

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You might consider doing it in two actions instead of one. A workflow for condition group one, a workflow for condition group two. One-two punch combo :slight_smile:

Hi @pgr,

Thank you for your response, and my question is if a contact has two different contact roles like “primary” and “marketing”, and I want to use only the “Primary” email id for my campaign.

How can I achieve this function from the front end?

Please Advise

I’m no t sure, but I think that when you add a Contact to a Target List, only the primary email gets added, right? You can try a few experiments to find out these things.

Hi @pgr,

Found the solution for this kind of scenarios after spending more time on it. I am not sure this will work for everyone, however, according to my situation each account has both the contact roles Primary and Marketing. Also, to avoid sending same email to, 2 different roles under same account name, you have to create two different Target Lists.

As a result, I created two different target lists for the Primary and the Marketing contact roles. However, both Target list types are different. If I am required to send emails to the Primary contact roles I will assign the Primary contact target list as “Default”. On the other hand, I will create a suppress list type target list for the Marketing contacts roles. As an outcome, when sending emails to the Primary contact roles, automatically Campaign emails will ignore the suppress list contacts, therefore I can ignore the duplicate email situations to the same account (company) employees.

Hope this will help

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