Adding calendar to Thunderbird

I am trying to add my calendar to Thunderbird.

I have not done this for a year or two, and I noticed that I am require to create a “publish Key”. What is this for?

Next, there are three option of URLs to choose from:
Publish at my location:

Which do I use?

When in Thunderbird, I have 3 options:
Sun Java

When I use iCal, it asks for a name and password. Where do I get these? I tried my name/password for SuitecRM, not working.

Thank for any ideas.


What is your SuiteCRM version, please?


I just upgraded to v7.10.13


My Thunderbird doens’t mention Calendars anywhere. Are you talking about the other app, Lightning?

Thinderbird now has lightnenng built in, so I consider them one piec eof software.

So, I guess, yes, Lightening


The only thing that’s blocking me is that my Thunderbird does not have that - maybe an installation option I turned off looong ago. This makes it troublesome for me to try and find the options.

I also asked a few people if they knew about this, but nothing came from there.

Maybe you can try setting things up in Google calendar first (seeing SuiteCRM’s calendars in Google Calendar), to see which options work, and to troubleshoot any problems, and then try to reproduce that in Thunderbird/Lightning. I suggest this because there seem to be more people using it this way, and anybody has a Gmail account where they can try…

Good luck!