Adding an Email Start Date or Delaying sending Email after x Days

Dear Community,

I created a workflow that checks if the lead was called, if so, it should send an email 2 day after the call was completed.

Is there a way to do this?


no, not directly.

Some people do this with On Scheduler, All records workflows, which loop through every lead, check a date condition, and send email. But this is highly inefective, since they will run every minute and through loop all Leads…

The proper way to do it would be to code a custom scheduler to do that work less frequently and more efficiently (single query getting the appropriate leads from the database).

If you don’t want to use code, a workaround might be better. When the lead is called, create a new record in SuiteCRM that has reminders - a second call, or a meeting. Then that meeting will show up for the users in a way that they only need to do something very quick, like tick a checkbox or change a field, and that gets detected by a worklfow and the auto-email is sent. It’s a semi-automatic solution.