Adding a reminder email or popup to the contract renewal reminder calls

Hi there,

when creating a contract a renewal reminder call is created using the dates set within the contract, that’s great. However, I’d like it to also set a reminder on the call, ie. a popup reminder or an email reminder.

The file modules/AOS_Contracts/AOS_Contracts.php has the code for creating the call but I’m not sure how I can add the reminder config to it;

	function createReminder(){
	    $call = new call();

        if($this->renewal_reminder_date != 0){

            if(!isset($this->call_id)) {
                LoggerManager::getLogger()->warn('Call is not set for reminder creation.');
                $call->id = null;
            } else {
                $call->id = $this->call_id;
            $call->parent_id = $this->id;
            $call->parent_type = 'AOS_Contracts';
            $call->date_start = $this->renewal_reminder_date;
            $call->name = $this->name . ' Contract Renewal Reminder';
            $call->assigned_user_id = $this->assigned_user_id;
            $call->status = 'Planned';
            $call->direction = 'Outbound';
            $call->reminder_time = 60;
            $call->duration_hours = 0;
            $call->duration_minutes = 30;
            $call->deleted = 0;
            $this->call_id = $call->id;

What is your SuiteCRM version?

Are your other call reminders working? Have you tried manually creating a call with a reminder?

Version 7.10.7

Yeah the call reminders work fine, pop up and email, when manually creating a call. I just don’t think the call created by contracts actually uses the reminders within calls. Just to confirm I’m talking about these;

This is the call that is autogenerated by the contract record.

I spent sometime going into the code but I couldn’t figure it out. You need to find how the reminder is created correctly in one screen. and what is missing in the other. Sorry I can’t be of more help… :frowning: