Adding a relationship to other elements of the same module

Good afternoon,
I am trying to make a new module which modifies the Cases module to suit it to my needs. I want to be able to reference other Cases (may be more than one). How would I add this relationship to the vardefs?
What I have for now is a file under extensions/myModule/modules/Cases/Ext/Vardefs with some definitions of other custom fields.
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You can use Module Builder to add relate fields. Those will refer directly to a specific module you want. You can also create Flex Relate fields to point to any module on the system.

Regarding the related fields, You can check this post for a sample on how to achieve that when using relate fields:

Now if you want to relate multiple cases, I recommend you to create a relationship one to many from your custom module to the Cases. That will generate a subpanel where you can relate as many cases as you want.

@BrozTechnologies do you really mean “Module builder”? Or did you mean to say “Studio”?

Module Builder (A tool from Studio)


I would say they are two separate (though similar) tools, and Module Builder doesn’t have to be involved unless you’re working with custom modules… Studio is the tool for editing the default modules, and their relationships.