Adding a Project Task from Project Module in Gantt Chart view hangs/fails


The Project Gantt Chart view contains a button to add a new task to the project. When clicked it opens up a “Add New Task” modal. When the “add” button is clicked nothing appears to happen on the front end though web server cpu usage spikes significantly for a short period.

Cancel option becomes disabled…

#### Expected Behavior

When the “add” button is clicked the new task should be created and added to the project and the add task modal should close.

#### Actual Behavior

Nothing happens when “Add” is clicked. No task is created or added to the project and the Add Task window remains open. The window hangs and has to be forcefully closed.

Please suggest some solution

Please always state your SuiteCRM version when asking questions - it’s really helpful.

Oh sorry for that… i missed it… Its Version 7.11.3

I just tried this and it works fine. You can see for yourself in the live demo: (user: will, pass: will)

You might have some problem specific to your server.

  • Do you notice that the server is slow?
  • check your logs at the time of the failure