Adding a new drop down for Contacts

I’ve been asked to add this to our SuiteCRM. I have worked out many aspects of SuiteCRM, but last time I tried to add new dropdown, I killed the whole site and had to reinstall it!! :sick:

Contacts >
Under the ‘title’ section is it possible? to add a drop down which would be

  • Owner
  • Adviser
  • Administrator

Could someone please give me an overview of how to do this? I have created a new dropdown in the DROPDOWN EDITOR and called it contact_whois_list but am not sure how to add it to the contacts pages. Or should I be building this directly into contacts from the STUDIO module?

Yes, you have to go to Admin->Studio->Contacts->Fields and create a new dropdown field and you can select the already created dropdown list, then in layouts add it to the editview, displayview and if you like quickcreate view

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I was nearly there and you confirmed my progress was ontrack. Thanks Mike!