Adding a Custom Google Map in campaign emails.

I saw this elsewhere, and decided to see if I could pull it off.

Turns out I could, so I’m passing this along.

The great news is you don’t need a Google Maps Static API key in order for this to function, so it costs nothing.

At the bottom of some of our emails we include the customer’s address. So I folled around, and ended up being able to use Google Maps Static Maps to include an image of their location in the email template.

You’ll obviously need addresses for your targets, but here’s what it looks like on our template.

<img src='$contact_primary_address_street+$contact_primary_address_city+$contact_primary_address_state+$contact_primary_address_postalcode&size=240x160&zoom=15' title='map' alt='map' style='width:240px; height:160px' border="0" width='240' height='160' class="hide-for-small" />


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