Adding a custom dashlet to detailview, is it possible?

I have been searching for information on how to create a custom dashlet and then display that dashlet in the detailview of some modules only (not on the homepage dashboard). Is this possible with SuiteCRM? I have found information on doing this with sugar listview (link below), but have not been able to convert this across to suite. Any ideas on if this is possible with suite? If it is, can you give me a clue on where to start?

Thanks for your help.


If it isn’t possible to use dashlets in this way, what is the recommended upgrade safe way to add a ‘panel’ to the right hand side in detailview, of say Accounts. The idea being to display in this panel, a listview of items from the cases module that are specific to the particular Account being viewed (like an existing sub-panel currently does). But I want to be able to click a case listed in this panel (or click a radio button beside the case), which will update certain fields in that case automatically while staying on the Accounts detailview page (without going to the case editview screen).
Any suggestions on the best upgrade-safe way to make this happen?

Thanks again for you suggestions.