Adding a CREATE button in popup search

Hi there

Does anybody know how to code a CREATE button into the popup screen that comes up when clicking on a related field?

I see the question has been asked MANY times and nobody has answered! Surely someone must know.

Please don’t double-post. Create a single post for each question.

Does anyone have an actual solution for this?

I don’t think so - not for Suite v8

So there is a solution in V7?

I find it far easier extracting teeth from my mouth than getting any answers from you guys.


Who is “you guys”?

I have asked a question 4 times and about to ask the same question again, and you want to be a smart ass about this? You should be ashamed of yourselves that somebody needs to ask a question 4 times and still doesn’t get a response.

I am not being a smart-ass. You ask a question that apparently nobody here knows the answer to, that’s simple enough.

People (like me) read your question, and go silent because we don’t know if somebody else maybe can come up with an answer.

My question about who you’re directing your impatience towards was just because I was curious about your sense of entitlement. Is it directed towards SalesAgility? Or the entire SuiteCRM Community? In any case, my next question would be how come you arrived at that sense of entitlement.

Why do you think you are owed anything in this space, so that you start acting nasty to people who are not getting paid to work for you, and who are generally willing to help others, even if they are un able to help in your particular case?

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So the silence was due to nobody knowing how to do it?..I have to apologise to “You guys”…I assumed nobody was bothering to answer me because maybe the solution was too simple or something like that. I’ve made a bit of a dickhead of myself here.

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The solution for SuiteCRM 7 is explained partially at

And the rest at

About the Documentation for SuiteCRM v8 for Developers, there are some very incomplete parts that have been published since the Beta.

I also know that the people developing SuiteCRM 8 are well aware that this is a pain point. If you check the Roadmap, you’ll find this part I highlighted:

That item is meant to be the moment when the main developers are looking at ways to customize and documenting it all.

Peace :christmas_tree: . Everybody, have a great New Year :slight_smile:

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