Add "Create product" to popup of invoice / quote module

hello community,

it would be wonderful to create a product in the invoice module.
If i create a invoice and add a line item product, I click the select arrow for products. Then I can choose my product, but If I dont have that product already, I have to change the module. How can I make a link to create a product in that product popup?

For accounts it is possible in the invoice module.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

This can be done by custom coding, if you are a developer, i can give you a hint. If you are not a developer then it is not your game, you should hire someone to do this. There is no default functionality to create products within the PRODUCT selection popup.

Hello how are you?

can you do it? what is the way please?

Thaank you.

You can see an example of CREATE popup up button below.
Here is the piece that is used for create.

 'create' =>
    array('formBase' => 'ContactFormBase.php',
            'formBaseClass' => 'ContactFormBase',
            'getFormBodyParams' => array('','','ContactSave'),
            'createButton' => 'LNK_NEW_CONTACT'

You have to follow the same pattern to create that button for Invoice/Quotes module. Creating custom files for FormBase to handle the Form View and Save process.