Add validation for Mobile field

Hello Developers,
I’m trying add validation on mobile number field in leads.


  1. I have one “Country code” field.
  2. If my country code is “xyz+91” than value entered in mobile number field should be 8 digit.
  3. And it should give error like " please entry 8 digit number".

Help highly appreciate,

You can add validation to the field using javascript:

Follow this sample:

Thanks @AlxGr :slight_smile:

No problem!

were you able to implement this?

The example tells you where to add the code.

Hello, I was able to implement this thank you.

I’m glad it worked!!!

Me too, btw can you help me with custom API?

I was successfully configure/setup V8 api. Now I am creating a custom API to get and update data.

Not an expert. I’ll suggest to create another post as this is not related to the current one. I’m sure there are some members of the community that can help you better.

Already done :slight_smile: btw thank you for your response.

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