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Add the Link cloaking function

I do websites from more of 20 years and ok, I am not so much expert about link cloaking yet, (the web is very big) but I think that would be usefull to add the link cloacking to the urls of the CRM, in this way, the websites that receive the visits from a click on the CRM, doesn’t know that it coems from the url of the CRM. It helps for:

  1. Surf outside from the CRM with more privacy for the user
  2. The url of the CRM remain secret and no other people will know about it from the webs stats
  3. Fortunately today is rare, but the stats of the website could be public and in this way some web robots could more easily scan the rl of the CRM and try to hack it with bruteforce attack or other ways. Her more info about linck cloaking:
    Cloaking - Wikipedia