add subpanels values in print pdf


I’ve successfully followed the guide below in pdf and I was able to add a print PDF button to a custom Module, and the PDF printing works with no issue.

My problem is that I need to add also subpanels information in the PDF printing as a list of the items in the subpanel.
I understand there is no standard way from the Admin interface, but I also have no clue where to start on changing some code.

Can somebody offer any kind of suggestion or guide on how to do this?
(I know there are pay add-ons but I’m not interested in that kind of solution)

I’m using version 7.11.1.

thank you,


I’m not sure I understand your requirement.

You want to make the generated PDF include more information that it currently does no include, coming from related tables?

I suppose you’ve tried working on the PDF Template, but that option is not there, correct?

thank you for your reply, let my try to explain better.

I have a custom module, and in that custom module I was able to add a Print PDF function which works very well for fields in that module.

I have 2 subpanels to other 2 custom modules, related to that module with a 1-N relationship.

I need to print the details of these 2 custom modules too…

I hope now it’s a better explanation…thank you.

I don’t know where that is in the code, and it’s not easy for me to test because setting up a custom module would be quite some work.

But if you look in your browser’s Developer console, Network tab, while the request to generate the PDF occurs, you can track where it is being handled in the back-end, and then try to make your changes.

Is there any good news about pdf printing subpanels?
it would be great if there was such an opportunity. not including paid modules