add portal user button not displaying

I have gone through the setup and installation of the necessary components for the portal activation in SuiteCRM but have not gotten the add portal user button to show when adding a new contact.

Anything else I should be looking at?

Joomla is installed and connect as it denies me a login when I try to login with admin.
Joomla admin is pointed to my SuiteCRM install.
AOP is enabled with all the necessary information on the Suite CRM side.

Any ideas on this? Should I post the bug to another forum?

Hi there,

This would normally indicate that the two applications have not been linked, although you have stated you have linked them successfully. Double check that your advancedopen-portal component is pointing to the full SuiteCRM URL and you have specified the admin usrename/password. Then ensure AOP is enabled in Admin -> AOP Settings and that you are pointing to the full Joomla URL.

If the problem persists, try checking the sugarcrm.log to see if there are any errors.