Add other Modules to the Activity Stream


i was wondering where i can add other modules to the activity stream dashlet on my dashbaord or if there is no way to change the available modules.

Thanks alot

Which module are you trying to add, and which events from that module would you like to see in the Stream?

And what is your SuiteCRM version?

The version we use is 7.10.7

My colleagues are not willed to use the Dashlets “my tasks” etc. and want to see every module in the activity stream.

So basically, it should be able to show:

  • tasks
  • calls
  • meetings

Some activities related to those modules already show in the Stream… what exactly about a Call, for example, would you like to see there?

Note that the Stream is a “social” tool, it simply gives some visibility to the actions in the organization.

The “Assigned to” mechanism, on the other hand, is a central concept in SuiteCRM, and it serves to make people in the organization responsible for specific items. So those Dashlets “My tasks” etc are really people’s work lists.

These two approaches are very different. I am not sure how you want to organize your team’s work, but the Stream dashlet isn’t very promising, imho…