Add opt-out redirect url in Events and campaigns

In the same way you have added a redirect url to accept or decline an invitation in the events module, it would be useful to have also an Opt-out redirect url.

It would be great if it were possible to pass certain parameters to these urls (eg event/campaign id, recipient id, name, surname, company, etc…).

It would be nice to add these three redirect urls also to campaigns.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Hi Will,

Can you help me redirect the meeting invitees to our company website url after they have selected their meeting accept status? Ex. after choosing Decline Status you will be redirected on a page where it shows Your Status for this event has been updated! there’s a link below that that redirect you to CRM login page. So instead the invitee will be redirected to our website.

Hope you can help me on this


You can edit the file: modules/Campaigns/RemoveMe.php and add a redirect to your home page.

    $my_redirect_url = "";
    header('HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently');

(I have placed this just before the line of code:
but it may work also if you add it after. you can try.

I also recommend that you comment the following line:

echo $mod_strings['LBL_ELECTED_TO_OPTOUT'];

Additionally I have created a custom field in the Campaigns Module so that, if that filed is not empty, the page will be redirected to the value of that field.

To achieve this a little bit of extra code is required in RemoveMe.php.

Beware that this is not an upgrade safe modifictation. I haven’t tried copying the file to custom/modules/Campaigns/RemoveMe.php
Maybe it works

Thanks amariussi,

Thanks for the suggestion but its for the campaign, I want to implement it to meeting invitation how could i redirect it after they select either Accept, tentative or Decline on the meeting request?


Sorry I can’t help on Meetings since I don’t know how the module works. :wink:

PS: the thread is about Campaign. Not Meetings. It is probably better that you start a new dedicated thread!