Add Opt out link in newsletter type campaign


When i use email type campaign, there is a opt out link at the bottom of the page and working good to opt out email.
I want to add it in my newsletter type campaign to opt out emails also. Is it possible?
That means;
In newsletter type campaign, there will be two links at the bottom of the page. One is unsubscription link like newsletter type and other is opt out link like email type.


There is a IF condition at line 1119 which add opt out link to template. I need it like this under the this link but it should be opt out link.


if ($this->has_optout_links == false) {
                    $mail->Body .= "<br /><span style='font-size:0.8em'>{$mod_strings['TXT_REMOVE_ME']} <a href='" . $this->tracking_url . "index.php?entryPoint=removeme&identifier={$this->getTargetId()}'>{$mod_strings['TXT_REMOVE_ME_CLICK']}</a></span>";