Add on issue with Opacus for Thunderbird

Ubuntu 18.04.3, SuiteCRM 7.10.11, Thunderbird 68.2.1, Opacus addon 1.6.7

Hello All,

I installed the opacus addon (free version) for thunderbird recently and it was working perfectly well.

I changed my url from http to https, since then I have the following message in Thunderbird when I try to archive a message in Suitecrm:

Opacus Error: unable to connect to server
Please check your Sugarcrm server url

Problem is I can’t access the opacus settings anymore in Thunderbird to change the url. It is supposed to be in Tools but I have nothing Opacus related either in Tools or Addon Settings.

Any idea?

Hey there,

We have also came across this issue. Recently Thunderbird updated their UI and this now makes Opacus incompatible with the latest version of Thunderbird.

One solution, which we found works, is rolling back the thunderbird version to 60.x

It’s unfortunate but it appears to be on opacus side.

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Thank you for the answer,

I tried to be smart and downgraded as you said to another version then upgrade again. Not smart enough. It seams the problem is related to thunderbird version and not to thunderbird new UI.

Anyway, I stay on Mathusalem version and it works.

Thank you!

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