add new function to aow

how add new function to suitcrm and use it in calculated fields???

There is some old Documentation about adding custom Actions to Workflows:

Extend Workflows with Custom Actions"suitecrm"+extending+workflows+actions.ext.php

…but it’s old, and it isn’t much. I never tried it myself.

This is not related to Calculated Fields - it is for standalone, new AOW Actions.

You might prefer to look into the Calculated Fields code and add it there, might be easier. But probably you won’t be able to make the change upgrade-safe.

If you come up with something useful for others, you might as well contribute it in Github and it will become upgrade-safe then :slight_smile:

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This Actions extension framework looks extremely interesting.

Did anyone use it or do you have an example?

There are a few situations where current actions are too limited, for example:

  • Send an SMS,
  • Send a push notification to an app :slight_smile: ,
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Well, actually, there is an example on Sales Agility blog:

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Benoit I never had much time to experiment with that blog entry, but please tell me if you can get it to work, I would definitely want to move that into the new Docs.