Add multiple relations not possible with LogicHook

Hello everyone,

I need some help with creating a relation in a logic hook.

I have three modules: ‘Projects’, ‘Emails’ and ‘Notes’. My projects has several Emails, so the relation is a (Projects) one-to-many (Emails). My emails contains notes, so I have (Emails) on-to-many (Notes). Now I want my notes to show in my projects, so I created a (Project) many-to-many (Notes) relation and I want to show all notes from by related Emails in a submenu.

It is not possible to do that with a Workflow so I created a logic hook. The code works fine, but when I want to add the notes to project, it only adds one and then the method stops.

My code:


if (!defined('sugarEntry') || !sugarEntry) die('Not A Valid Entry Point');

class GenerateRelations
    function addNoteRelation($bean, $event, $arguments)

        // Check if related module is 'Emails'-module
        if ($arguments['related_module'] == 'Emails') {
            $emailBean = BeanFactory::getBean($arguments['related_module'], $arguments['related_id']);

            // Get all the 'Notes' from the 'Emails'
            if ($emailBean->load_relationship('notes')) {
                $emailNotes = $emailBean->notes->getBeans();

                $newNotes = array();

                $projectNotes =  $bean->project_notes_1->getBeans();

                // Check for all notes in the related Email
                foreach ($emailNotes as $emailNote) {
                    LoggerManager::getLogger()->error('email notes: ' . $emailNote->id);

                    // Check if email-note not already exists in the project-notes
                    if (!in_array($emailNote, $projectNotes)) {
                        LoggerManager::getLogger()->error('add new e-mail in list: ' . $emailNote->id);
                        $newNotes[] = $emailNote;

                // Add all the newNotes to the project
                foreach ($newNotes as $newNote) {
                    LoggerManager::getLogger()->error('$newNote->id' . $newNote->id);

The foreach doesn’t work in combination with the add relation function. It only adds the first note in the list.

Have you checked both logs for errors?

I would suspect it’s a side effect of adding the relationship, sometimes many things happen under the hood, and one of them might be causing trouble.

For example: adding relationships might trigger a bean save; and that might trigger a logic hook again; and it runs into a loop, or maybe there’s some code to block that loop and it quits…

I’ve had a case where the only way I could add the relationship from the hook was to use direct SQL, which is not ideal…


Thanks for the information. I opened both logfiles and no errors appeared. But the strangest thing happend, because it now works correctly. The code I wrote in my previous message is now adding all the notes to the project. I don’t know why it didn’t work before, but maybe there was some sort of cache. I always do a ‘build and repair’, but now it works.

Thank you for your time!

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