Add meeting via Calender - doesn't update account - Is this a Bug/feature or deliberate, or am I doing something wrong


So If I go into the calender and create a new meeting and relate the meeting to an account when I go into Meetings the meeting shows up.

BUT when I go into accounts look up the related account and look up the meetings subpanel for that account it does not show the meeting? Is there some way to do this as our mobile users want to have the calender on their iphones as a page, so they can just click on it and open it up on their calender, to quickly add their meetings but then when they want to do more work in the system they are upset that the meetings are not automatically visible when you go into the account / meetings sub panel and you have to go to select to manually add them all.

Apparently this is a big issue for the users.

It shows up in the activities subpanel but nothing in Meetings and it’s a meeting which is so frustrating. Looking in Accounts / Relationships there is no relationship between accounts and calender? Should there be, but then it would show under calender which still isn’t meetings, and as it’s a meeting my users and myself cannot understand why it doesn’t show up there.