Add Make payment option in dropdown.

Hello all…

I am using stripe payment module in suiteCRM.

after stripe modulation install in my suiteCRM i am able to make payment from account module (editview) dropwown.

see the first image . i want to apply same option in invoice module option how can i do that help me for same.

I want to put Make Payment option in invoice module.

Hi Pgohil,

I am unfamiliar with the Stripe payments module.

To add the option to another module menu on the detail view you need to look into custom/modules/AOS_Invoices/metadata/detailviewdefs.php

Compare this file to the one in the custom/modules/accounts/metadata

You should be looking at the buttons array… this will add the button and this is as far as I can help unfortuately as I have not used the Stripe Payments Module.


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Thanks bro i fine the solution by your reference.

but any idea about the currency dropdown display on same page.

Many Thanks.