Add Linked dropdowns for multiple fields

Hi. I am on SuiteCRM Version 7.11.19. I am looking to make the below changes in the cases module:

Add a field named “Module”
Add a field named “Case category”
Add a field named “Case Sub Category”

All of them will be dropdowns. Depending on what the user selects in the Module dropdown, the Case Category options will be displayed and depending on what the user selects in the Case Category, the Subcategories will be displayed.

e.g. If the Module is Platform the following will be displayed in the
Case Category Field dropdown:
User Interface

If the selection is User Interface the following will be displayed in the Case Sub Category field:
Unable to login
Unable to navigate

If the selection is Connection the following will be displayed in the Case Sub Category field:
DB Connection Issues
File Connection Issues

Is this possible? Please advise how this can be achieved.

Dear swanand0401 what you are looking exists in SuuiteCRM,
you could use dependant dropdown fields in Studio

Thanks @LionSolution for the quick response. Could you please elaborate step wise on how to use the Dependant dropdown? I could not find any documentation related to it. Your help is much appreciated.

Check this

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@sagarjaydeep Thanks for your response. I tried doing that at the case category and case subcategory level only. The case subcategory did not populate.

Hi swanand0401,
the key is to use
the right field name as parent dropdown.
Share yours settings if you still find issues

Thanks for your response @LionSolution . I believe I have input the right field name. Below are some screenshots:

Case Category:


Case SubCategory:


The Result:

What am I doing wrong?

Note: If I put in the category label in Parent dropdown of subcategory, it displays the dropdown in its entirety.

This is just a two level dependency that I tried. What I intend to do is use a three level dropdown but that would be once I am able to figure this out. Any help is much appreciated.

Hi swanand0401, what you did is correct; could you share please your dropdown list values?

Please note that values of the dependant list should be like:


Here’s a nice tutorial for this:

Hi @LionSolution and @pgr thank you for this. I think I understand now, what I am doing incorrectly. Let me try changing a few things and get back to you.