add leads to a specific group

how should I add a lead to a specific group?
we have 6 type of different product and each leads has tend to buy some of them
I want to add leads to a group which show that “these leads interested in product 1 and some other interested in product 3 and 4”
how should I use this type of grouping?

You can simply have a custom field with these options, if you have just a handful of products.

Or if you need something better, then set up a Relate field with Products module, or even a full relationship with that module. Try playing with the several options and see what they give you.

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I used add a custom field with studio tools.
I use a “relate” field and I relate >> leads with products.
but I could not see any option to choose product when I’m creating a lead.
thank you for your help

After creating the field, you need to add it to the views: detail view, edit view, list view (not necessarily all, just the ones where you find the field useful)