Add Invitees button Search does not work

Screen meeting the search button does not work to get the guests to attend the meeting, does not carry User, contact. . Search button, under Add Invitees for Calls, not search? …users? …contact? …leads?

Version 7.3

Can you show the search results for a search and then show the record in the module that is not shown in the search?




This problem continues in SuiteCRM 7.4.3. My SuiteCRM runs on Debian Jessie, nginx and PHP 5.6

I found this post talking about the problem is due a bug in php 5.6

Is there any other solution without changing PHP version?


I found this post and following his advise I could solve the problem:

Basically, you have to modify the 2137 line in the include/utils.php file replacing preg_match(’/[’"<>]/’, $value, $matches); to preg_match(’/’"<>/’, $value, $matches);