Add in "name" field in listview


I need to add more information in clickable ‘name’ field in a list view. Now there is only 'first name" and “last name”, but i also need to add “father name”. I tried to add it in a custom\modules\ModuleName\metadata\listviewdefs, but it didn’t help.

I just can’t find the file where i should change the data. Maybe someone knows?


That is about changing the formatting, but you can also change the content.

Thanks for your answer!
Don’t you know is it possible to change it in listviewdefs.php file? I have problems with logic hooks, they are yet difficult for me :frowning:

Logic hooks are your friends, you shouldn’t fear them : - )

The post I linked is so detailed and simple that you can’t possibly get it wrong.

There IS an alternative technique: overriding the preDisplay method of the ListView. But that works only with Listviews, not with Subpanels, and that is quite a limitation…

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

Well, the diffulculties for me are when i get to making class and function…i literally don’t know how to code it to get what i want :frowning:

You can also do this in metadata/listviewdefs.

For that fields add ‘customCode’ => Whatever html you want

‘customCode’ => ‘{$fields.first_name.value} {$fields.last_name.value}’,

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Thanks for your answer!
Tried to do this way, but it becomes blank at all, so even no first and last names.

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It worked partly:
‘customCode’ => ’ {$LAST_NAME} {$FIRST_NAME} {$LIS_FATHERNAME_C} ',

But the problem is that i don’t know what to write in a ‘record’ part… Is there any way to define every record’s id?

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how do we add the if condition in the listview def

Hello @bhavin0070 . You should first overwrite the view.list.php file for the module. There are quite a few examples on how to do this. In the display override function you can set a variable in PHP and assign it to the like below.

$this->lv->ss->assign('VARIABLE_NAME', $php_variable); 

Then you can use the $VARIABLE_NAME in the listview def. You may need to double check my variable settings in the override but this should be the gist of how to do it.