Add icons to Menu Items


I made some custom modules and now need to add icons in items in top.

I have the icons in svg format in a folder in custom folder: /custom/myicons/

I see the file ‘_headerModuleList.tpl’ and not sure if the foreach from line 51 is the answer:

 {foreach from=$shortcutTopMenu.$name item=item}
     {if $item.URL == "-"}
         <li ><a href="{$item.URL}"><span>{$item.LABEL}</span></a></li>

I really don’t know what html label use to add icons, really hope you can help me with some guide to this requeriment.

The theme i’m using is Suite7 and SuiteCRM7.8.2

thanks a lot

It also depends on if your grouping is ON or not. This is the first condition in the file. Top section is if you use Grouping till line 117. I would suggest add different test classes to the HREF in the file and inspect to see which one is valid in your case.