Add fontcolor to tinyMCE menu for Accounts module WYSIWYG field

We would like to add the change foreground color option to tinyMCE editor for a WYSIWYG field in the accounts table. It is not in the default setup. I see all the help appears to relate to the Emails module . The javascript in the include folder (modules/Emails/include/ComposeView/EmailsComposeView.js) has fontcolor option specified (in the defaults settings) - but this option does not appear in the field editor for my WYSIWYG field in the Accounts module. Does anyone know where the equivalent javascipt for editing a field (in the Accounts module) lives? know the edit I need to do once I know where the file is… Thanks !

I don’t know the answer (I don’t even understand the question fully, but I guess I understand most of it), but I would look for code in the include/SugarFields directory.