Add Dashlet button missing, using default Sugar theme

Hi everyone, posted 3 different topics since joining a few days ago and not one has posted or shows any record of it, so not much hope on this one but will give it a go. I’m using the latest version of SuiteCRM but the theme is pretty ugly so I put the default Sugar5 theme on customized a bit and it’s way better. The only issue I’m having is under Home there’s no Add Dashlet anywhere. I’ve checked under admin and visible modules but none are called Add Dashlet etc. When I go under Sales > Home there’s just one tab there called SuiteCRM Dashboard. When I first installed I was able to delete ones like the SuiteCRM homepage one as each had an X, but now none do regardless of if I choose allow users to customize homepage layout or not.


The reason that your posts hadn’t appeared was because the 1st post of a User usually has to be approved by an Administrator.

User posts are normally approved fairly quickly, but as your posts were over the weekend, there must have been no-one online to catch it.

For the Sugar5 theme issue, As far as I am aware, Sugar5 theme doesn’t have the functionality to add Dashboard tabs.
You should be able to add/remove them manually through the code, however.

I have not done this myself, but I imagine the files that you will have to modify will be found in /custom/Modules/Home/

I think it might be something more as I just bought a $200 theme from and in their demo server with SugarCE it works fine but on mine it does the same thing. There’s no add dashlet button or anything. Might do a reinstall but here’s what mine looks like vs theirs in the screenshot,

I figured it out and it’s an annoying reason! I’m logged in as the default admin user, but in system settings I have the box checked to prevent users from customizing the homepage layout but I didn’t think that meant for administrators too! I unchecked that, saved, and sure enough I can customize all the dashboard. Does that mean if I want all users to have the same dashboard and view, any time I change it I have to temporarily allow users to change their dash, then modify it on everyone’s individually? Or can I have one that is forced to all users and shared?