Add Custom JS to a List View

Hi All…

I’m trying to simply “hide” an element on the list view page in the list of results.
(It’s an SMS icon that a plugin adds to all phone numbers…and I’m now hiding on non-mobile phone numbers)

I have this working fine with jQuery on the Detail view pages, by using the “includes” array in the detailviewdefs.php file to point to my JS file…but I’m not seeing this ‘includes’ array in the LISTviewdefs.php file.

Is there some way to extend this file like you can with detailviewdefs???

Thanks all!!

You can use custom/modules/[YourModule]/views/view.list.php for adding JS to list view. Use preDisplay or display function to echo out the Script.

Hey! Thanks for the feedback…but, I might be missing something…

I’m really trying to modify the layout of some standard module lists (specifically, Leads, Accounts, Contacts).

I’m not seeing a ‘views’ folder in the directories for Lead, Accounts, Contacts…nor in the custom module folders for the new ‘module’ for SMS messages.
(/custom/modules/Leads … no ‘views’ folder)

I DO see a ‘views’ folder in the
folder…but seems like making changes there wouldn’t be update-proof???

Is there perhaps some way that these folders/files are generated by the system??


You can manually create folders in CUSTOM folder and use Repair from the Administration Page.

The above is correct. Here is a more complete write-up on this subject:

Ahhh…I understand!
I’ve got that file loading now…it’s breaking the list page…but I’m sure I’ve just got some syntax wrong…
But I understand how to get that file to extend the listview now!

Cool! Thanks!
I understand the concept now…now need to get my code working.

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Guys! This was SUPER helpful!
I have all the lists modified!

BTW: Is there a way to extend the Dashboard similarly???

Never Mind…I answered my own question.
It IS, in fact, possible to extend the Dashboard by adding custom php to

Thanks all!!!