add custom dropdown into line_items.js for Line Item

How can I add custom dropdown into product line contain in line item…?

I have added dropdown by it’s existing code but it not worked. I have added dropdown from studio and put same name in js file of dropdown.

It saved data into database but could not value are selected when I open it in edit mode.

Text box are coming filled when I put form in edit mode

I am putting my code…here

var z = tablebody.insertRow(-1); = 'product_quote_form' + prodln;

  // valve type start
  var type_opt  = "<option value=''>Select type</option><option value='2'>Ball </option> <option value='6'>Check </option> ";

  var a = z.insertCell(0);
  a.colSpan = "2"; = "rgb(68,68,68)";
  a.innerHTML = "<span style='vertical-align: top;' class='product_item_description_label'> Type :&nbsp;&nbsp;</span>";
  a.innerHTML = "Valve Type: <select name='product_type_c[" + prodln + "]' id='product_type_c" + prodln + "' class='' > "+ type_opt +"</select>";

  if (typeof currencyFields !== 'undefined'){
    currencyFields.push("product_type_c" + prodln);

Please help me to out this

Please use the Forum’s code tags when you paste code, otherwise some brackets get removed and the code gets broken.

I hope somebody else can answer your question, I’m afraid I don’t know :frowning:

Did you ever get an answer to this or resolve on your own? I’m having the same issue with getting a custom dropdown field to populate for the line items module.