Add content document in quote


I’m newbie in SuiteCRM and I want to add the content of imported document in SuiteCRM at the end of my quote.

How can I do this ?


Generating a Quote you will use PDF templates

You may want to take the content from the doc, copy & paste into the template?

At this point there is no way to attach a doc to a PDF template

I want to include the content in my quote and not the link. The document is my Conditions of sales. I thought document was the right thing because there are revisions available like my Conditions of sales

I want something automatic because I don’t want copy/paste for each quote.

Okay this is not currently possible without custom coding,

However you could

Create the quote


Selected “email quote” or “email pdf”

This will open email, you can then click Options

add Attachment > SuiteCRM doc > select the doc

If you want to generate your terms & conditions this will need to be added to the PDF template itself

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Ok thanks

I thought of that, if it’s my only solution I will add the conditions in my template PDF

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I also find that, integrating Document into the Quote is very good and accurate for whole sale, the same URL product can integrate into Quote and export to pdf very well.
If there is a solution for Document Integration into the PDF output too great … someone help