Add contact field to case list/detail view (currently only sub-panel)

How can I add the contact field to the case list/detail view automatically? I know I can add in the contact created by field by default, and then manually add, but when a contact has a case created automatically, that unfortunately doesn’t pull in the contact name (like it does in sub-panel).

List view shows:

Num, Subject, Account Name, Priority, Status, Assigned, Date Created and I added Created by contact, which I can add manually but not automatically, even though it does pull in the associated contact in subpanel. It’s pretty beneficial to see who the contact is without having to click on the actual case and go to subpanel.

Any ideas?

Even when I manually add in the created by contact, it doesn’t even show on list view (its blank), only detail view for some reason.

I know we don’t have calculated fields in 6.5CE, but is there another way to add a field from another module to show in a different module?

IE: Contact name field show in Case field options.

Did you have any luck with this. I am also looking for the same thing?

Unfortunately not yet. I am very surprised there aren’t more people concerned with this, who use it as case management. Having direct visibility to the contact is essential, vs needing to click into the case and find out who the contact is.

I am not sure if this is what you were trying to do but I was able to add a contact field to a case by adding a relate field to accounts in studio.

Then place it in the Edit Layout in studio as well.

Was able to add a related contact without any issues.

In the definition of the field contact_created_by_name in vardefs, the link param should reference the name of the link instead of the name of the relationship
in modules/Cases/vardefs.php

‘contact_created_by_name’ => array(
‘name’ => ‘contact_created_by_name’,
‘type’ => ‘relate’,
‘source’ => ‘non-db’,
‘save’ => true,
‘id_name’ => ‘contact_created_by_id’,
‘link’ => ‘cases_created_contact’, // this should be ‘contact_created_by’
‘table’ => ‘Contacts’,
‘module’ => ‘Contacts’,
‘rname’ => ‘name’,


can you explain better what you’re trying to say? Is that a bug you’ve found, something we should fix in the SuiteCRM code?

If so, can you please tell me the “steps to reproduce” the bug happening on the SuiteCRM screens?


Hi pgr.

In ‘Cases’ module, adding via Studio the existing field ‘contact_created_by_name’ in listview, you can see that the column values are not shown.


can you please open an Issue on GitHub with this?

Thanks for reporting