Add class to opportunities in last sales stage (list view)

Hi, I want to make opportunities in their last stages appear red in the list view by adding a class to them.
I was wondering if I would do this by adding an entry to search fields and referencing that somewhere? I say this because this is how open items filters out closed items.
Any ideas?

Hi there,

Have you thought of a logic hook to run when the Opportunity is set to a certain status?



Do you think this would work?
How would this integrate with list view?

maybe I’m wrong: but a logic hook feels too heavy-duty.

The use case is just to change the visual UI of the lists page - so the orginal suggest to add a css class sounds good.

Looking at the Opps list page, it seem that each row (tr) already flags if it is an even or odd row:

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    • Which I guess is there to allow themes to use CSS to colour alternate rows (doesn’t seem to do that in my theme though).

      So would need to add a class for OppSalesStage, to that (tr).

      Have a naming convention like OppSalesStage-nameOfStage (ie OppSalesStage-ClosedWon and etc)

      Easy to do, as the code that builds that tr, inserts the statusName elsewhere.

      A crazy thought - that might be something SuitecRM/Greg would be willing to drop into the next small release - as adding that to that (tr) can’t break anything: and it can’t change anything visually. until people edit their CSS to refer to the new classes. So a tiny, zero-risk change.

      Actually, not zero risk: spaces in the sales Stage would mess things up: so there would need to be a function to remove spaces (‘Closed Dead’ -> ClosedDead)

I think this might solve your issue,
get a look on this file.

modules/meetings/ dashlets.

u will get the idea.
before that i want you to create one meeting and check how it is coming in dashlets my meetings. from there you will understand.