Add calendar for opportunities

help!!!, please your help to see how to add a calendar to the Opportunities module

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Do you want to see your Opportunity in Calendar or something else?

thanks for your answer, if I want to see the opportunity in the calendar from a date, also leads, thanks

What is the purpose of displaying Opportunities and Leads on the Calendar?


It is possible, but not so easy. You should change some files in module “Calendar” and “include” directory.

The purpose is to display the opportunities and leads sorted by closing date to see which sales close on which dates.

Can you explain more please, do you have any examples? it would be very helpful, thanks


You can write to me directly. It isn’t easy task.


To do this, you can use the “Reports” module.

Could you help me how to do it?, any guide you have, thanks

Look at the documentation:

Hello, I need your help. The purpose is to show the opportunities and leads in the calendar ordered by closing date in order to see in the calendar the sales that close on the dates. thanks for your help

You can write me to directly. This is’t standard task.