Add bcc to all emails sent out from Suitecrm?


I am interested in adding a bcc to all emails sent out via Suitecrm (new user, forgot password, assign, etc). I couldn’t find any option for this in the email settings or email templates section.

Even if there is a solution using code, I am interested.


I would do it around this part

Add your intended address to the bcc field. You probably want to use conditions. It won’t be upgrade-safe, you will have to re-do these changes after any upgrades that change this file.

Important note: you really need to restrict this so that you don’t do anything immoral, or illegal. You can’t just send people’s emails into other directions without their knowledge or consent. So you need to make sure this only happens in cases where it is ok to do it.

May be you like to install and use this plugin. It’s free now.