Add a field in billing address group fields in suitecrm 8

Hello there,

I’m doing that customization in my suiteCRM 8 instances by looking at this blog, the field is created in the database but, when I repair and rebuild it after updating the group field definition. The field doesn’t show up in any view.

So do I have to modify the same file to customize the grouped_fields_type_map.yaml file or do I have to enable front-end extensions and create another file?

And what would be the path to create the file for customization inside the front-end extension for this?

So how can I do it? Can you help me with this?


how did you add the field?

Hello @jkortus1234

I took the following steps to add the field to the account module.

Step 1: Create a file and add field definition by extending vardefs.


$dictionary['Account']['fields']['billing_address_landmark'] = array(
      'name' => 'billing_address_landmark',
      'type' => 'varchar',
      'len' => '100',
      'group' => 'billing_address',
      'merge_filter' => 'enabled',

Step 2: Add a label for the landmark field.


$mod_strings['LBL_BILLING_ADDRESS_LANDMARK'] = 'Billing Landmark';

Step 3: Perform quick repair & rebuild from admin and execute the query that appears. This will create a new field in the ‘accounts’ table.

Step 4: Update group field definition


Find the address block and add the “landmark” field name.

Step 5: Perform quick repair & rebuild from admin.

I tried to add the field by following these steps but the field is not visible in any view.

I hope you find this helpful.

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Is there a reason you didnt just add the field through studio?

Hello @jkortus1234

Sorry, I didn’t understand your question. Would you please explain a bit more?


Did you read through anything related to studio first? If not- this way is much easier.

I have read about the studio. I know it’s straight from the studio.

Modifying the files is not required to simply add a field to the application. This can be done through studio → fields-> add field…

If you’re field is already showing in that list go to the layout option for your module and ensure that the field is displayed there as well.

Hello @jkortus1234

I can add fields from Studio, which also appear in the field layout. But you must know that the Billing Address and Shipping Address are group fields in SuiteCRM 8.

But I want to add a field to the billing/shipping address group.

So how can I do it? Can you help me with this?


Unsure what you mean with the group field part, may be something I haven’t had to address yet since everything we do is customized. Are you meaning you want the fields to be in the same area as the billing / shipping addresses?