Add a custom module to Contact Activities Subpanel


By default, contacts activities subpanel combines the calls, tasks,meetings, in addition to that I need to add my custom module to the activities subpanel list. I have created menu item and it works fine in creating a record. But created record does not display on my contacts activities subpanel.
Can you please provide the step by step to get the above list.

THanks in advance.

There is no step-by-step available, what you’re asking is a very specific customization.

That subpanel is quite specific itself - it’s a special place where SuiteCRM aggregates information from different modules. You would need to find the code for that subpanel, and change it to add your module there. It requires coding.

ok … I can code it manually to get the data from my custom module. Im just curious where to start , any help would be appreciated