Add a button with an icon in the settings menu button-group

Hello there,

I want to add a custom button to the listview of the Account module with an icon, which when clicked opens a pop-up modal.

So how can I do it? Can anyone help me with this?

@clemente.raposo @pgr @abuzarfaris @Will @samus-aran @amariussi @pstevens or any other.


It’s not good Forum etiquette to mention a number of people (some of them haven’t been around for years…) to call attention to your question. Just ask your question and wait for responses like everybody else.

And it’s much worse to start nagging people in Private Messages.

Sorry for the inconvenience, will take care from now on.

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Hello there,

I would appreciate any help you can provide in solving this query.

Sorry but this is simply not documented yet, it’s hard to help. :man_shrugging:

Your best chance is to scan existing modules for some extra button, and then go search in the code for how it’s added.

Perhaps studying Angular framework might also help, since that is what the UI is based on.