Adavanced OpenPortal Error Username and password do not match or you do not have an account yet

Having trouble with the Advanced OpenPortal, at this step:
“Once clicked, a new user will be created in Joomla and the Contact will be sent their portal credentials via email.”

AOP creates the new user in Joomla, and sends the Contact their portal credentials via email.

However the credentials fail to work.

As a test, you can manually try to login to Joomla and SuiteCRM.

These credentials fail to login to both Joomla and SuiteCRM - when you use the username (which, if you look in the Joomla Users list, the username is the email address) and password sent via email.

Obviously, if the username and password for the Joomla user are invalid, then the Joomla component cannot login to SuiteCRM

Indeed, the Joomla AOP component’s List Cases and New Case menu items give “Error: 500 - Failed to connect to sugar. Please check your settings.”

Can anyone help?

Hi ChrisC,

Have you set up the Joomla portal to connect to the correct SuiteCRM URL?



Hi Will,

  1. My Joomla Advanced OpenPortal component is configured with the URL of my SuiteCRM instance
    I followed all the configuration steps in the AOP setup PDF document.
    The username save in the AOP Joomla component is the Contact’s email address, and the password is the Contact’s generated password, exactly as in the message SuiteCRM sent via email.
    This way, logging into Joomla and accessing the List Cases or New Case link gives:
    “Error: 500 - Failed to connect to sugar. Please check your settings.”

  2. As a test, I changed the credentials saved in the Joomla AOP component, to a username of an actual SuiteCRM User, and their SuiteCRM password.
    The Joomla site shows a different error when I go to access the Joomla Show Cases or New Case links:
    “This account does not have portal access.”

  3. Speaking from a software design perspective, shouldn’t the username and password in the AOP Joomla component be something like an API key and API secret, to provide portal access to potentially ALL Joomla registered users (or belonging to whichever Joomla ACL security group… Active Customers for example), regardless of their individual username or generated password? Not a single particular Contact’s email address and generated password to allow Joomla AOP component to read update and create cases?

And then, shouldn’t AOP on the SuiteCRM side automatically create a new Contact (or update existing Contact) with whatever info the Joomla side has provided about the individual accessing the AOP Portal?