ActOn SuiteCRM Integration Issues


I am currently setting up the integration between SuiteCRM and ActOn. We have got to the point where we are entering the ActOn URL and API key. But it is returning a “Incorrect Authorization Token” error not a IP address error. I have tried refreshing the API key in ActOn and re-entering it into SuiteCRM but with no joy.

Is it possible anyone could provide any guidance as to what I need to do to fix this issue.


Just to add, we get the same error when using the ActOn Connector plugin. We have SuiteCRM 7.8.3.
ActOn support suggested:

"The installer requires the controller.php file to match that of Sugar CRM. The exact file I am referring to can be found within the CRM server at the below location. An example of the desired php file is linked below.
Please note, replacing the controller.php may cause other functions to not operate properly so I cannot guarantee that this integration is fully supported.”

They provided a copy of controller.php, but this file location - custom/modules/Connector/controller.php - does not exist in SuiteCRM.
If we get any further updates from ActOn I will add them here.

So the actual file to be changed is:

I have attached the file.