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Activity Subpanel in Any Module -> Compose Email Not Working

Version 7.11.21

In any module (Account, Lead, Contact etc…), if I click the dropdown in the “Activities” subpanel, and select “Compose Email”, nothing happens. (ie. the Email composer modal does not pop up etc…)

There are no errors in the JS Console.

Any thoughts?

In your logged in user Profile, have you setup the email and Email Settings for that user?
Also does the Email settings saved in Admin → Email Settings work, if you send a Test Email?

Thank you for the nudge in the right direction.

The issue was that the user account email settings, were set to “Use External Account” rather than “Suite CRM Email Client”.

I though that use external was appropriate, because I’m using Gmail as the outbound email, but misunderstood the question.

Thank you very much!

Working now.