activity stream - 7.10.5

After updating to 7.10.5, all news feeds in the activity stream, even the old ones, are marked as being created in “0 seconds.”

Here you go, there’s an Issue and a proposed fix! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, it worked.

I had the same issue after upgrading to 7.10.5 ( 0 seconds everywhere). Updating to 7.10.6 did not solve the situation. Instead, my activity stream show 2526 weeks and 6 days ago to all activities.

I’m on 7.10.7 and my activity stream time does not update. A post made on it just says 0 seconds ago the whole time.

Can you guys try the latest commits in ?

I wonder if the solution only works for new items in the Stream? Maybe the stuff that entered the Stream while the bug was present, didn’t get saved correctly. Try adding new stuff and check if it works well.

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Aha yep… replacing modules/SugarFeed/SugarFeed.php with the one in the fix seemed to do the trick.

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Does anyone know if there was reason this was not also changed in Version 7.8.26? Since at least 7.8.22, the activity stream read 0 Hours 0 Minutes ago for all entries new and historic. I replaced the “static function getTimeLapse($startDate)” function with the pull request #6033 code and the new and historic times are now correctly displayed again.

@mcom I commented in that PR, maybe you’re right and we neglected to put this into 7.8.x…

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Looks like this was missed for 7.8.x. I’ve created a fix here:


Is this normal that this issue is still alive ?

Got SuiteCRM 7.11.5, no error in the console log and got this issue too . Every entry in the chat are “0 sec ago”.

Something’s strange here. I just tried this in 7.11.5 and

  • Administrator always sees “0 seconds”, both for his own entries in chat, and for other people’s

  • other user sees correct times printed

Update with you @pgr version update 7.11.5 to 7.11.8 got this again, User account can see time and EDIT/ REFRESH dashlet while Admin account sees “0 seconds”, i’ve tried : go to profile and Press “Reset User Preferences” and “Reset Homepage” work again, BUT can not edit or Refresh any more, that’s seem the function hang on.

Still got this issue, I know that some guys on github have made some piece of code to fix it but in the last 7.11.8 its still here for me …

Didnt know about that “Reset User Preferences” and “Reset Homepage” button, will check it asap !

I just realized that, if using Firefox - Version69.0.3 (64-bit), the Activity stream is almost “FROZEN” unable to Edit and Refesh and Delete SuiteCRM Dashlet, this will not be reproduced if using Chrome - Version 80.0.3946.3 (Official Build) canary-dcheck (32-bit) - it seems the JS files don’t work on Firefox smoothly.

Hi, everybody,
I had the same problem switching to version 7.11.13, I solved it by choosing the date format: dd-mm-yyyy.
Only using the ‘-’ character as separator the problem was solved, while using the ‘/’ character the problem persisted.

Tried this with a QR&R but its still "0 Secondes plus tôt " :neutral_face:

Hello, Holdusback,
I tried Quick Repair and Rebuild, too, even though I didn’t need it. I confirm that the dates in the dashlet remain correct. Attached you can see my chosen format.
The version of SuiteCRM that I use is 7.11.13

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Oh its in the user settings (I changed it in the admin panel) ! Yes it worked for me too thanks a lot.

Well, I’m glad. :wink: