Activity/History Subpanel in Custom Module doesn't work v7.13

Activity/History Subpanel cannot be created in Custom Module in version 7.13

Lets say I have a custom module called: “Students”

In Studio > Student > Relationships
When I try to create an “Activity” relationship it says: “An error has ocurred”

I guess “Activity” is a group of Call, Meeting and Email modules, I can create those relationships separately but they are not gruped into Activity/History subpanel, they each apperars separatelly as an individual subpannel.

How can I create the “Activity/History” subpanel in a Custom Module? (Actually it also happens in any system module which doesn’t have the “Activity/History” subpanel as default).

Thanks in advance

What error is occurring? What do your logs say? You should be able to do this.