Hey everyone,

I was able to use Data Loader to export all the users, accounts, contacts, etc… from SalesForce.

However, I cannot see activities under any account or contact. How do I import activities?

I was hoping that importing cases, might be what was needed.

Any ideas?

Hi Tam,

This link may be of some help:

Hope this works

Hey @cameron,

Thanks for the link. I believe I went through the steps correctly and, sorry to repeat, but everything went fine, except for Activities.

On the link that you posted, I searched for Activities specifically and they are linked with Calendar, but I could not find an import for Calendar. Is this what you were suggesting with your response?

Thanks in advance

Activities is a collection of modules


The Calendar is only a view and you cannot import directly to the calendar

You can import all activity modules

For example importing Meetings:
In the import file you can
link the meeting to a User
link the meeting to a Contact

You would then see the meeting record inside the Calendar

You would also see the meeting record inside the Activities sub panel or History panel depending on date and status

Thanks :slight_smile:

Could you please detail the exact steps you took? from exporting the accounts, contacts and activities from sales force to importing it all on Suite :slight_smile:

Thanks @TaufiqueAhmed for the response.

I was looking in Data Loader for “Meetings” and “Calls” but I could not find anything to export those objects from SalesForce. I was able to export “Tasks” and “Emails” but the email csv did not contain much data, which I thought was strange.

I have never used Salesforce so cannot offer to much advice on that one :slight_smile:

A quick google search has given me this but you may have already seen these

Hey @TaufiqueAhmed,

Thanks for the links:

  1. the reports do not offer the contact id, modified_user_id, assigned_user_id, etc… but it was a good thought

Only the Activity ID and the Account ID were available in the reports section

  1. As you can see by the attached screen shot, Activities is not available.

I could not find any section within SF or Data Loader that would give me the needed data - see second screen shot for the columns in suiteCRM that need to be filled

Thanks for getting back to me @Cameron

  1. Launched Data Loader
  2. Enter Login credentials for SalesForce
  3. Click the check box to view all

There is nothing listed as Activites for me to export. I thought that there might be someone on the forums that would know another name for the object